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Thank you for your interest in publishing with Overt Action Blog.

Commentary featured on OvertAction.org should have an intelligence “hook.” Issues covered will include narrow topics of intelligence policy as well as broader national security topics ripe for intelligence insights. Articles can be critical, supportive, or agnostic—no point-of-view is necessarily out of bounds so long as the commentary is professional, well argued, and in the spirit of public debate.

We feature writing from individuals with experience inside the intelligence community. That said, the requirement to have an intelligence background is not a hard-and-fast rule; our willingness to consider any analysis for our site will ultimately depend on the quality of the commentary itself and its relevancy to the business of intelligence. The views expressed here are those of the individual contributors.

OvertAction.org will provide a venue for intelligence professionals to give unclassified, publicly available insights into intelligence and national security issues. It is important to note that this is NOT a forum for public disclosure of classified information. In fact, the founding team sees this platform as a means to increase transparency and public debate about intelligence issues while maintaining the secrecy upon which our national security depends

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. It is incumbent upon any contributor to act in accordance with their respective agency’s publication review process.

If you are interested in writing for OvertAction.org, please reach out to our editorial team at: OvertActionBlog [at] gmail [dot] com.

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