The Overt Action Podcast: Will Centers make you safer? A Look at CIA’s Reorganization

on July 15 | in CIA

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This week on the Overt Action Podcast, Kevin looks at the CIA’s ongoing reorganization under John Brennan. We’ve been supportive of this reorganization, but it’s not without possible pitfalls. The podcast talked about the benefits and downsides of turning the CIA in a group of centers that merge the analytical and operational Directorates.

In the Agency, information is often power. Reorganizations like the one underway break down barriers to information sharing been analysts and their clandestine colleagues, upsetting the power dynamics and causing a ton of angst and turmoil within the bureaucracy. Kevin tells you what its like to experience that turmoil from the inside, with firsthand accounts of the fights that are sure to be happening at the CIA today.

Photo from CIA’s “Building the Berlin Wall” collection, available at

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