The Overt Action Podcast: USA Freedom Act Revisited

on June 29 | in NSA, surveillance

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In the second installment of the Overt Action podcast, viagra prostate we revisit the USA Freedom Act, cialis canada try the sweeping surveillance reform bill that became law on June 2, 2015. For your average American trying to understand the implications of this important piece of legislation, the Act is incomprehensible as a standalone document. In Part 1, Kevin sets out to demystify the new law, describing the key changes that are coming to the National Security Agency.

In part 2, which you can also find below, we drill down into the politics of the Freedom Act. The process that led to the passage of this bill was anything but pretty. “It’s very easy to throw up your hands at yet another example of our inept Congress.” Yet Kevin argues that the process is an example of our government actually working, with each side of the debate searching for a compromise that is in the best interest of the country.

Stay tuned later this week for part 3 of the podcast, which will try to predict the future and figure out the implications of this law for average Americans and on the Intelligence Community.

Part 1

Part 2

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