ISIS Threatens Turkey More Than You Think

on January 24 | in Foreign Policy, Terrorism

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Turkey’s National Police is not taking the threat ISIS poses to the Turkish state lightly. According to Jane’s Intelligence Weekly, a recently leaked memo sounded an “urgent” alarm about the potential for ISIS-led or -inspired terrorist attacks in the Turkish Republic:

The report warned about the presence of “sleeper cells” throughout the country – particularly in the cities of Adana, Aksaray, Ankara, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Kilis, Konya, Mersin, and Sanliurfa – comprising around 3,000 people with direct links to the insurgent group…in a press conference last week, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu revealed the government’s concerns about the possible return of at least 700 Turkish citizens currently fighting for the Islamic State.

I wrote about this recently in The New Republic with a article entitled: The Islamic State Has Sleeper Cells Throughout Turkey. Does Erdogan Care? Read it here.

Photo: a screenshot from ISIS’ English-language Dabiq magazine.

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