Defeating the Jihadist Narrative, India Edition

on December 2 | in Terrorism, War of Ideas

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A funny thing happened on the way to the Middle East for one aspiring jihadist. Areeb Majeed, an aspiring Islamic State fighter from India made his way to Iraq, where he spent half a year doing scut work for his new ISIS pals.

From the Times of India:

The 23-year-old ISIS “recruit” said he was completely ignored and asked to clean the toilets and arrange water for those battling with the security forces. He told the investigators that despite his immediate supervisor’s request, the ISIS cadres did not allow him to participate in the battle.

At some point Majeed was shot in the neck, a wound that was left untreated:

“Only after I begged them, I was taken to a hospital. I was treating myself, but the injury was worsening as there was no proper medication or food available in the camps,” Majeed told investigators.

He’s now back in India and being held by Indian authorities

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From a counternarrative perspective, this is dynamite stuff. Abandon your family for ISIS and risk your neck…to clean toilets & receive an untreated bullet wound.

Remember — all of this information comes courtesy of the Indian National Investigation Agency, so it might very well be embellished, or even completely fabricated. But even if this is false information from the Delhi’s intelligence services, it’s still effective ammunition for fighting the grand war of ideas.

photo: Areeb Majeed, National Investigation Agency handout

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