An Intelligence Committee Agenda, Part 1

on December 4 | in Intelligence Reform

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Senator Richard Burr this week described his approach to intelligence oversight, stating that,  “I’d like to rip down the rearview mirror that seems to be the motivating tool for the committee, and do oversight in real time. Force the [intelligence community] to show us their metrics so that we can hold them accountable for progress.”

We agree with this approach. There are a lot of tough issues the community is grappling with today that will shape the country’s intelligence capabilities over the next decade and that the intelligence committees need to examine. In the spirit of the Senator’s comment, Overt Action is going to run a series of posts in the next few weeks highlighting intelligence issues that are ripe for oversight and action.

But first, readers should check out Marshall’s piece over at Just Security about intelligence oversight in the 114th Congress. He argues that the first priority for the new intelligence committees should be restoring the public’s trust in their oversight of America’s intelligence agencies.

photo: Construction of the new Capitol Dome in 1860 (Architect of the Capitol)

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