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Hello. Welcome to OvertAction.org. 

Intelligence plays a critical role in safeguarding America’s national security. Despite its pivotal and growing role, relatively few intelligence experts provide their informed perspective in the cut-and-thrust of the public square.

Yet national security and intelligence policy is not crafted in secret—it is debated in the White House, in the halls of Congress, in the 24/7 media, and across the Internet

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. In this fast-moving discussion, there is a lot of garbage that passes for commentary on intelligence matters.

OvertAction.org is the sharp, nonpartisan tonic for dispelling misinformation and confusion that dog the critical intelligence debates of our time. We have two basic goals—to provide the public with greater insight into the intelligence community and to provide critical analysis of national security issues that are ripe for intelligence insights.

We’ll do this by having former and current national security professionals weigh in on the top challenges of the day. OvertAction.org is not beholden to any particular partisan or governmental perspective—we’ll call it like we see it.

We seek to inform, to persuade, and maybe have a little fun along the way. We look forward to firing up the discussion.


The OvertAction.org Team

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